WAZZA! Week #04

The Digital World we live in is moving on really fast. To face these changes, one man decided to relate the most important of these changes every week…THIS is WAZZA! Week #04


  • Twitter celebrates its fourth birthday: On the 21st of March 2006, Twitter was created.
  • « Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog », last year’s internet buzz, will have a sequel shown in movie theaters. He’s got a PhD in Horribleness and will be back in 2011.
  • Amazon is developing a Kindle-app for the iPad and released a Kindle-app for mac.
  • Archos to release a 7’’ tablet and a 8’’ tablet based for home use starting at 150€, $179. Challenging the pad on it’s use, android-powered, and for nearly 3 times cheaper than Apple’s tablet. Wait and See!
  • Nintendo to release a new portable game station « 3DS » : compatible with DS and DSi games, but using 3D and without the use of glasses! Way to go Mario!
  • Captain America - the movie is set up, and the lead character will be played by Chris Evans (also known for being Johnny Storm —the Human torch— in the two Fantastic Four movies)
  • In response to Google’s recent tactic of redirecting Chinese users to its uncensored Hong Kong site (Google.hk), the Chinese government began disabling certain searches or blocking the results, according to The New York Times.
  • Apple Starts Accepting iPad Applications; Launch Apps Must Be Submitted By March 27
  • Google Maps Tests Integrated Hotel Price Listings
  • Dell to release an android-based smartphone « Aero. »
  • The man who hacked Barack Obama’s twitter account and other celebrities earlier this year has been found: he’s a 25 french man named “Hacker Croll”. No genius though, says FBI: he claimed he just tried random logical combinations. Lesson of the day: Don’t mess with the Bird, or the Feds are after you !
  • Yahoo! released TWO search-apps on the App Store: one search engine-ish and one getting closer to a location-based service
  • New DIGG website + DIGG available on mobile devices on the App Store. These guys HAVE BEEN BUSY !
  • Samsung releasing a new Android smartphone: « Galaxy S » - first phone using SUPER AMOLED screen (20% brighter, 80% less reflective and better at color reproduction while draining less battery.)
  • Twitter Reduces Spam to 1% of Tweets
  • Foursquare (location-based service) has teamed up with MTV and VH1 to set up a « celebrity mode » ==> now celebrities are going to move to Himalaya to find privacy !
  • The iPhone and iPod touch went from 5% of shares on the mobile gaming device market (in 2008) to 19% (in 2009.) Beware PSP and Nintendo DS !
  • 4G phones are coming — The first commercially available phone that will support the WiMAX next-generation cell network will be the HTC EVO 4G brought by US carrier Sprint.
  • Lady Gaga to be the first « artist » (though i don’t really think artist apply but that’s my point of view) to reach 1 billions views on Youtube.
  • Web host GoDaddy.com to stop hosting Chinese Domain Name.
  • Happy Birthday Sony PSP (turning 5 this week)
  • Unlike the iPad: Android tablets support Flash content and videos
  • Twision: Twitter Television Is Here! Well, In Spain Anyway (http://twision.com/).
  • Bing is announcing more refinements to its search engine: « BingBox » including Foursquare and others.
  • Google to release Ads on TV
  • The Harry Potter theme park will open on June 18th (in Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida)
  • Youtube EDU (educational) turns 1.
  • Facebook to release a ‘like’ button used all over the internet (not just on Facebook)
  • Microsoft to launch a business-ish microblogging service (‘OfficeTalk’)
Thanks for viewing this article everyone. I hope you like these little reviews. Just a quick word: I’m on holidays so i’m gonna have a lot to do university-wise, but i’ll try to write more often. I’ve got a big article on twitter coming out this week (part 2 of my twitter review — with how to use it, and testing different twitter clients for you… so make sure that you check it out !)

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Author: Thibault Lemaitre
URL: http://itibz.com/articles/wazza-week-04
Tags: #Google

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